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Progress, still have a long way to go

Progress, still have a long way to go


its been a while my little fitblr buddies :) Just wanted to update, so apparently i have an allergy to gluten now, so i am gluten free. Its not a huge change, i just can’t eat bread or basically anything processed. Anyway.. i just finished Lisa Marie’s Bodyrock Bootcamp 21 day challenge and im doing it over again, but doing the workouts several times in a row to add more of a challenge, its a great workout and i highly recommend it :) go to to get the workouts 

New 30 day challenge!

Just thought i’d give you guys a little update on what i’ve been doing and such. I just finished day 2 of the Bodyrock Catching Fire 30 day challenge and i am so excited about this. The workouts are each 12 minutes long but i am doing 4 rounds instead of just two of each workout. This challenge is really awesome so far and im really looking forward to the next workout. 

If you guys wanna check it out, go to or find the page on facebook :) sooooooo worth it

Don’t mind me, just over here MAKING WINTER MY BITCH!

Here We Go

Just dyed my hair purple yesterday night and it comes off on EVERYTHING and im about to go workout, just hoping that i dont have purple dye running down my face from sweat :I ughhh

Workout completo! :D

Workout completo! :D

Yet another workout complete ladies and gents <3

Yet another workout complete ladies and gents <3

P90X? the workout plan i posted last week was totally upsetting. 
The workouts were much too easy and I was not pleased when I was finished with no sweat dripping down my face.

SO! I am debating on downloading P90X and trying it out, I’m hoping it is a little more challenging that insanity (since i’m pretty sure it requires weights). 

If anyone has done P90X, I would love to hear your opinion on it (if you thought it was challenging, saw results, recommend it, ect.)

Feel free to send a message and tell me what you think :) 

Be Fit in 30 Extreme!

Hello ladies and gents, 
I just discovered this workout plan and i’m going to try it out starting today

^^ 30 day workout plan

I will of course accompany this with some pilates and walking

Just thought I should try something new before summer gets here :)